Indulge and make khoya/Mawa at home

Khoya/Mawa at homeMoney is in speed. Faster internet, Instagram, faster cars, trains, instant messages, 2 minutes meals, 1 minute soups; I get it. Our mails download faster, movies are shorter, naps are quick and so are lunches, even our medicines work faster, we buy in a click and sell quicker, our food is ready to eat and our meals instant.Yes I do get it.  

In spite of this gold rush, don’t you sometimes stay little longer in car just cause ‘your’ song is on radio, do you not squander your weekends to match the right dupatta for your kameej or perfectly matching set of bangles for your new saree. Haven’t you wasted hours to get your favorite shade of lipstick, or buy a new piece or furniture which goes with the room. Continue reading