Chicken Soup for Weary

This was the long weekend I was waiting for months, needless to say flu took over all the plans and excitement.I am hating how frequently I am getting sick these days. It’s awful and even more awful is that I passed it on to husband as well. He had very high fever yesterday and was in bed the whole day with almost no appetite. So I had to make something appetizing which he can’t say no to and which is also good for us sick people. What better than a comforting warm bowl of chicken soup when you are down with flu and cold. The soup itself can make you feel better. Continue reading

Coconut Milk and Chicken Soup

Coconut Milk and chicken soupWhat do you wish for on days when you are under the weather, exhausted and drained mentally and physically? I generally go into hibernation :). Do nothing, a lot of sleep, some pampering, chocolate may be, but most important A warm Bowl of Soup.  I somehow relate soup to becoming better and healthy. Good soup is so fulfilling and makes me happy any day. This Coconut Milk Chicken Soup is exactly what you need in comfort food to heal your body and mind. Continue reading

Butter Chicken

 Butter ChickenIf I am to make a list of foods which represent India to the outside world, Butter Chicken will definitely be in the top five. To claim to be a true Indian foodie, Butter chicken is one dish that you will have to happily finish up without dreading your cardiologist or tearing up for shattered diet plan dreams. Butter chicken along with butter naan and probably a glass of thick creamy lassi (sweet yogurt based drink) to gulp it all down, is what an Indian foodie’s dreams are made of. Trust me, I have seen people lusting and craving out of nowhere for butter chicken. It is that good.  Continue reading

Chicken in Roasted Spices

Masala A medley of roasted spices adds a spark to this absolute must-have chicken dish.  I have used fresh and extremely fine spices for this recipe which I picked up myself on a holiday to Coorg recently. I am sure the fresher and finer are the spices you use, the more will this dish appeal to you and linger on your taste buds. Continue reading

Spinach Chicken

Thing with chicken is, it’s delicious with anything. So easy to cook and makes a complete meal. Though I love curry, I keep trying to add new flavors to it and every time it comes out just as wonderful. So if you like spices, flavors and spinach, you definitely gonna love spinach chicken. It was lazy Saturday afternoon and after a good run this recipe filled with all the nutrition. I could hog on it guilt free.  So let’s get going!

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Tandoori Chicken

An Indian cuisine lover and not a fan of Tandoori chicken. Just not possible. It’s a must have starter dish. 

Tandoor is the classic clay oven used in the Indian sub-continent to bake food at high temperatures. Naan, tikkas, tandoori kebabs and roti made in tandoor have their own earthy taste. I don’t have a clay tandoor but I have tried to make something similar in a convection oven.  

It is also very easy to make at home time is all you need. Marinate chicken for 8-10 hours and just throw it in the oven and it is done. 

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