Beetroot Dip
Beetroot dip is very very simple to make. I majorly like this because of its beautiful colour and yes it delicious as well. We know already how healthy Beetroot is, so it’s good to include it daily eating. This dip can be made in no time and you can serve with any snacks you like.... Read More
Garlic Chicken Breast in White wine
This being the garlic kitchen; and the ineffable love that I have for garlic more and more garlic based recipes will be coming for you. Here is one very simple chicken breast recipe. You can effortlessly cook this anytime and this turns out simply fabulous. (more…) Read More
Classin Indian Mutton Curry
Like anyone else's, my mom is the best cook I have ever known. She is the master of curries. I humbly admit I have never tasted better mutton curry than what she cooks. So here is that recipe straight from her kitchen. Let me also admit, her recipe is not written down anywhere. (more…) Read More
Beetroot soup with mint & rosemary
I have been very fond of this beautiful superfood, Beetroot, long before i came to know about its profuse health benefits. Simply because beetroot brings back the memories when as kids my little kid brother and I so naively enjoyed eating this vegetable just to see our tongues turned red.  (more…) Read More
Spinach Soup with roasted tomatoes and basil
This soup is perfect to warm up your guests to a sumptous meal on a cold winter evening. It is highly nutritious and with the right amount of spices can be very soothing for the throat.In this preparation, we try to retain all the nutritional goodness and not let it go waste by throwing the... Read More
Sautéed Mushroom Corn Peas
So, say you want something light, nutritious, colorful and easy to cook while you also want to unload your refrigerator a bit. You can use various vegetables together to make this wonderful dish. You can use this as side dish, as a rich salad, in breakfast or even include for a brunch or light dinner. (more…) Read More
Lakhnavi Galawat Melt in Mouth Mutton Kebab
The origins of Galawati Kebabs has an interesting historical story. Nawabs of Lucknow (or earlier known as Awadh) were infamous for their overwhelming and luxurious lifestyle. But for our advantage;  their extravagant tastes nourished many arts under their patronage. Surely, they must have had palettes of heaven since their bawarchis or rakabdars (Master cooks) created best... Read More
Mint Dip (Pudina Chutney)
Mint or Pudina chutney is a popular dip which goes very well with Kebabs, Biryani or simple daal chawal. Quick and easy, this will be done in a jiffy. This chutney enhances the taste and completes any dish. So lets quickly get on the ingredients and make the spicy mouthwatering Mint Chutney.  Ingredients:    Mint (Pudina) -... Read More
Mutton Pulao
Growing up in Lucknow, the land of kebabs and biryanis, was one delightful and tasteful experience. Here houses overflow with aroma of spices and striking flavors, grand moms and moms still treasure the secret of their recipes as ancestral wealth, kebab parathas are just another snack, ID and Bakrid is most delicious here than any... Read More
Palak Daal (Spinach with split black lentil)
Rich in protein and iron, this is a power packed recipe you would want to cook over and over again. Super easy recipe, on your not so cooking enthusiastic days, this is an excellent option for lunch or dinner.Give it a try and you will be regular with this one. (more…) Read More