Muesli Chocolate Chip Muffins
Since I have started blogging, some part of my mind always keeps working on permutation and combinations of what to cook, how to cook and when to cook. I have never loved doing anything else in my life like this. The more I cook the more it makes me happy. So what do happy people... Read More
Baked Eggs with Salami and Spinach
Think of breakfast and mostly eggs your first choice. I so love eggs that I can have them in any meals. In any form boiled, scrambled, baked, curry they taste equally delicious. What I love most about eggs is that you can never go wrong with these wonderful ovals and they deleciously go with everything. (more…) Read More
Sesame Folded Bread
Like most of the Indian Kitchens, my cooking revolves around pressure cooker. But now that i have got new oven, i am excited like a kid to bake. Why not start with bread, so i flipped across food blogs (I don’t even remember now, how many). Picked bits and pieces from here and there, got... Read More
Roast Potatoes
When deciding for lunch menu, mostly potatoes are first which come in mind and everyone loves them. So when my friends invited themselves for lunch on a lazy Sunday, roasted potatoes were the first choice. These are so simple to make and make a great lunch menu. (more…) Read More
Veg Spaghetti Pasta
Kids love noodles but given how dull and monotonous they are when it comes to nutrition and taste, spaghetti pasta is a good replacement. I agree that it takes more time to cook and isn't instant like packaged noodles but I feel if you have the time, make spaghetti as a replacement for noodles.  (more…) Read More
Neetz’ marble cake
This recipe comes from very very dear friend, Neetz. This gorgeous corporate banker is an awsome baker. As i know nothing about baking cakes, I requested her to bake the first in our new oven. It was sheer joy watching her bake. Can't even explain how difficult it was to wait for the cake. The aroma, itslef... Read More
Stir fried mutton with spring onions
When you are cheerful and totally in mood to spend time in kitchen, go for this recipe. I was so so happy how this came out, beautiful combination of spices and flavours. Also, for me a break from regular curry. Because it was Friday and I got fresh vegetables, I was all up to try... Read More
‘Bad day at work’ Pasta
Yesterday was such a bad bad day at work. In fact, I have been working like crazy for last couple of weeks. Work is never as much a problem as dealing with a client so irritating that I wish I could quit then and there. Well, cons of consulting, we can say. I can’t even... Read More
How to make paneer (Cottage Cheese) at home
Paneer is Indian Cottage Cheese. It is a fresh cheese used widely in south Asian cuisine. Paneer is a sheer delight for any vegetarian. In India one can easily get paneer at local dairy or sweet shops.  (more…) Read More
Sooji Halwa (Semolina Dessert)
The word 'Halwa' or 'Halva' means 'sweet'. Halwa's are dense sweet confections and are eaten very fondly all over India. Some popular ones are carrot halwa, moong halwa, pumpkin halwa, pineapple halwa. There is no set rule, one can be creative and make halwa of choice. (more…) Read More