Kadhi Pakora
Kadhi is curd based dish quiet popular in north India. Kadhi rice is super loved combination for lunch or dinner. You can find a number of varieties of kadhi that’s because it’s so easy to make alternations to this dish as per your taste. Gujrati kadhi, Rajasthani Kadhi, Punjabi Kadhi, Sindhi Kadhi!! I guess every... Read More
Egg Curry
Eggs are at the very top of my food pyramid as they are very nutritious and are considered a whole food. Also they are readily accesible and can be stored for a while in the fridge. Usually eggs are used for breakfast and baking but can be used for some real good main course recipes.... Read More
Chicken in Herbs orange and Beer
Isn’t chicken an amazing piece of food. There’s so much that can be done with chicken and tastes wonderful always. Mine, being an Indian kitchen curry is what come first in mind when there is meat in refrigerator. But I was a little bored with curries all the time so thought of little mix and... Read More
Baked Cabbage
Honestly cabbage in not something I’ll go gaga about. Yeah I know how good this vegetable is but still. This would be the reason why this beautiful piece of vegetable is sitting idle for so many days in my refrigerator. As much I loved the beautiful purple colour, I had no clue what to do... Read More
Rasgulla Recipe (Cheeseballs in sugar syrup)
Rasgullas are soft spongy cheesballs soaked in sugar syrups. Roshagulla, as they call in Bengali, is the king of Bengali sweets. These look like big pearls and taste so delectable that you’ll fall in love with this dessert. The best part is that they are so easy to make. Although rasgullas will be easily available... Read More
Tandoori Chicken
An Indian cuisine lover and not a fan of Tandoori chicken. Just not possible. It’s a must have starter dish.  Tandoor is the classic clay oven used in the Indian sub-continent to bake food at high temperatures. Naan, tikkas, tandoori kebabs and roti made in tandoor have their own earthy taste. I don't have a... Read More
Mughlai Chicken
I always wonder what it would be like to be a Nawab (Muslim rulers during Mughal Empire). To live a life of extravagance, grandeur and exaggerated luxury!! The majestic palaces, music, dance and moreover their love for food. How would their kitchens (bawarchikhana, as they called it) be!! What all secret spices, in their kitchens,... Read More
Mutton Dum Biryani
Perfecting the art of making Biryani is an achievement in itself. Birynani is slow cooked tenderized meat and rice with flavours of cardamom, saffron, clove, cinnamon, mace, nutmeg, pepper corns and cumin. If ingredients make a dish then it won't be an exaggeration to say that a well made Biryani is much more than the sum... Read More
Baked fish in mustard sauce
Fish is not something that I cook very often. Plenty of reasons for that; I know nothing about fish shopping at all, can’t recognize fish by their names. Also too much of fishbone is a problem for me. Blame the place I come from, where fish is not a part of staple food. So I... Read More
Rasmalai (Dessert made with Indian cottage cheese)
Rasmalai is one of very delicious sweets from Kolkatta. Even though I don’t miss sweets very much, I love this dessert. It’s soft, spongy, rich, delicious and less sweeter than many other Indian sweets. I can say this one is my favorite dessert.  (more…) Read More