Chicken Tikka Masala
Here comes chicken tikka masala recipe finally! If you google chicken tikka masala, your page comes flooding with so many recipes. From BBC food to Jamie Oliver, everybody has their own version. So many will suit your taste buds but some  may seem pale to you, specially if your Indian or Asian for that matter.... Read More
Sarson ka saag: Simple and Traditional Recipe
Winters in India is a wonderful time. A respite from scorching hot summers, temperature drops in 20s & 10s and the spirits soar. Along with cosy blankets and quilts it brings with it variety of food, vegetables, fruits and sweets. This is the time when vegetable markets are loaded with lush greens saags and vegetables.... Read More
Chicken Tikka Kebab
If you ask anybody about their one favorite Indian food and i am sure chicken Tikka will be one of the choice. Chicken tikka to India is what pizza is to Italy, burritos to Mexico or sushi to Japan. Everybody makes their version and loves it like that. I am totally for the idea of tweaking recipes... Read More
Chicken Tikka Masala Powder
Buying an instant masala mix is one thing but making your own chicken tikka masala powder is what marks your signature in a dish. A dish so loved all over the world, chicken tikka, definitely calls for your own blend of masalas. This chicken tikka masala powder is the perfect blend of all the spices... Read More
Tamarind Chutney
Have you ever met an Indian who doesn't love the street food? I haven't..Street food in India is like it's people. So many varieties, taste, colors and spices but if you look deeply, it's all somewhat the same. Imli or Tamarind chutney is one of those things which bind so many of the street food deliciousness together.... Read More
Gulab Jamun with khoya or mava recipe
A hot, melt in mouth soft gulab jamun can make my day any time.  This is one of my favorite Indian sweet. No doubt, gulab jamun is most pouplar Indian dessert. Especially we north Indians love gulab jamuns. No meal is complete without a hot gulab jamun. For any festival, wedding or any auspicious occassion,... Read More
Healthy & Fast Breakfast Egg Roll
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! don't we all know this, sigh! A good, healthy and balanced breakfast meal can charge you for the full day. But this is the meal when we all are in most hurry and out of ideas and so we just eat whatever we can grab, pick... Read More
5 Healthy fats for cooking
The argument over fats being good or not is never ending. There has been so much against saturated fats, for whatever reasons, that it makes us think twice before eating any of it. But fats are not bad,; they are building blocks for our body. They make us healthier and stronger.  Many may agree and... Read More
Roti – Chapati
Roti or chapati is Indian flat bread and is lifeline of Indian meals. There may be different variations like paratha, naan, tandoori roti etc but it is a staple. Roti is more or less like tortillas, except that it is made of wheat bread and freshly made for every meal. There is no yeast or... Read More
Hummus is very healthy and easy to make dip. This can be varied with variety of flavors and used in number of recipes. Chickpeas and Tahini are main ingredients for hummus. Tahini is readily available in market. It is basically sesames seed butter and very easy to make. I made Tahini as well. You can... Read More