How To Make Yogurt At Home
You need to stop, if you are still buying yogurt/curd/dahi because making it at home is way simpler than going to store and buying a pack. With no effort what so ever (as the good guy bacteria does all the work for you) you get thick , creamy, fresh and homemade yogurt. Before i go into... Read More
Gajar Ka Halwa aka Carrot Pudding
A lazy Sunday afternoon; grandma, freshly laundered clothes, masalas, some pickles, lemons if i remember; all soaking up their share of the bright, pleasantly hot sun. Along with this, mommy leisurely grating the bright red luscious carrots to make what we all loved 'Gajar Ka Halwa' . This is how i remember making of Gajar... Read More
Pineapple and Banana Smoothie
There are days when I am booming in energy. These are the days when I put on a nice dress, do my hair, put makeup and be proper. These are the days, though very few, when I unmess my house. I finish pending laundery, fold the clothes neatly, clear all tables and wardrobes in house,... Read More
Urdu and Shami Kebabs
Urdu: Remember the last time when you visited home, mom made your favorite pudding. As you gulped the love soaked dessert you wondered what is the secret mom beholds that makes the pudding so heavenly. Urdu is such language. It takes you home and with it's nuances, politeness and mystic secrecy, immerses you in the luscious sugar... Read More
Indulge and make khoya/Mawa at home
Money is in speed. Faster internet, Instagram, faster cars, trains, instant messages, 2 minutes meals, 1 minute soups; I get it. Our mails download faster, movies are shorter, naps are quick and so are lunches, even our medicines work faster, we buy in a click and sell quicker, our food is ready to eat and... Read More
Quick and Easy Chicken Tikka Biryani
Chicken Tikka Biryani: The one pot meal of spiced chicken and fragrant rice is synonymous to feasting and celebrations. Biryani is a very popular dish in Asian and Arabic countries; it's roots go to hundreds of years back. Biryani is basically meat and rice cooked together, so it can be made of any meat (chicken, lamb, beef)... Read More
Green Smoothie for Healthy Breakfast
Smoothies are great. Is there any other way to pack healthy vegetables, fruits, juice, nuts and freshness in one class, i don't think so. Smoothies make the perfect and healthy breakfast. A glass of green smoothie gives you boost for the day and keeps you full till the next meal. These are so yumm that... Read More
Beetroot Smoothie for Runners
When i registered for my first half marathon in Bangalore in Oct 14, nothing in me was prepared to even finish it. The number '21 Kms' gave me shivers and i could not wrap my head around how people can ran 42 km or 50 km, 100, even 400 kms for that matter. (more…) Read More
Coriander chicken kebabs
Yes, I know this is the third chicken kebab recipe in a month! You must have seen chicken tikka kebab and chicken tikka masala recipes which i posted not too long ago. (more…) Read More
Coriander Chutney
Don't you think it's the small and simple things in life make that make it so much more beautiful and worthwhile; a good cup of tea in morning can set the entire day, (more…) Read More