Fish Pakora or Indian Fish Fingers
We recently explored a close by local market and you wont believe what a joy that place is. Crammed, warm, congested and smelling of everything possible, this place offers fresh and variety of vegetables and fruits (also so inexpensive ;). This place has become a definitive weekend stop. Well, i am not sure what it... Read More
Shakshuka: Eggs in spiced tomato sauce (a must try)
Shakshuka, this name may sound unfamiliar to you but it is synonymous with breakfast in Israel and it totally deserves it. I believe this is the breakfast which can make your whole day work. It is a happy breakfast, which reminds you of a lazy day,a vacation and all good things. It is nothing but... Read More
Mustard Fish Curry
Since I've moved to Mumbai, I am striving desperately for reasons to like it and feel at home here; well the city is taking it's time to return the love. That shouldn't be a surprise though. Many like me, come with aspirations of thousand colours in this humid promising city of billion shades. It gives, gives to... Read More
ShakarPara: Sugary Sweet Bites
Our brain is a strange starnge machines and curious are the ways it works in.It's difficult to understand the innumerable nodes and connections inside this little apricot part and even so mind boggling are the connections it makes with everything outside. I wonder how the smell of brewing tea makes me smile all the time or setting... Read More
Besan Barfi
It was Holi, yes that time of the year when winter meekingly backs off and days become pleasantly hotter. This is the time when local markets prepare to sell colours of thousand shades.  New bride can hardly contain excitement as they she is going home to celebrate her first holi post wedding and back home, her... Read More
Nutty Chewy Mix
You know life is good when your friend bakes a pie or cake every time you visit and brings snack she comes over. Well here is this one yum yum snack, i am sure you too gonna love.  So here goes, Neetu with her recipe: (more…) Read More
Hari Mirch ka Achar (Green chili Pickle)
Husband loves everything spicy and green chili pickle even more. So we try different brands of green chili pickles that super markets have to offer. Some we like and some utterly disgusting; overloaded with preservatives, salt and oil. (more…) Read More
Mughlai Dum Biryani
If you are a fan of Biryanis or good food for that matter, Mughali Dum Biryani is a jackpot for you.  In India there are regions known for there own preparations of Biryanis. From hyerabadi biryani, mumbai biryani to Ambur Biryani, each is unique in its own way. The thing that differentiates Mughlai Biryani from... Read More
Station Wale Aloo (Indian Spiced Potatoes)
Back then when tv channels were limited but time was ample, stress was alien word, families were bigger and worries were few, when there were enough leaves and visit to grandparents and cousins was a thing. Remember that time? Those days sit fondly in the good memory stack of mind. (more…) Read More
Leftover Chicken Biryani
I hate wasting food and thus my fridge is the dumping ground for all the leftover food. I also hate monotony, same food greedy mind refuse to accept that and comes up with ideas to do something interesting with the leftovers. So today when I browsed my fridge, leftover chicken curry from previous night... Read More