Indulge and make khoya/Mawa at home

Khoya/Mawa at homeMoney is in speed. Faster internet, Instagram, faster cars, trains, instant messages, 2 minutes meals, 1 minute soups; I get it. Our mails download faster, movies are shorter, naps are quick and so are lunches, even our medicines work faster, we buy in a click and sell quicker, our food is ready to eat and our meals instant.Yes I do get it.  

In spite of this gold rush, don’t you sometimes stay little longer in car just cause ‘your’ song is on radio, do you not squander your weekends to match the right dupatta for your kameej or perfectly matching set of bangles for your new saree. Haven’t you wasted hours to get your favorite shade of lipstick, or buy a new piece or furniture which goes with the room. I admit, I have.

So why am i blabbering? Well, i am trying to justify why in the world of instant food, I am asking you to make khoya or mawa at home. You can buy..well not everywhere and if you do, they mix idk what not, so not safe; Your sweet dish can live without it..of course it can, but don’t you remember days when you don’t wear kajal and everybody asks if you are sick? Would you want your gajar ka halwa or gulab jamun be like that. I can never do that to my sweet dish. So this is why you should know how to make khoya at home.

So why am I making khoya at home? Well, It’s been sometime since we moved to Mumbai. I did not like the city and hated even the thought of moving here. But as I gaze out of my window now, i am finding reasons. As I write this, I hear Ajaan from the close by mosque. I like it. As the sun withers in edges, Ajaan calms down the wandering mind like a kiss on forehead. From small houses (do not like calling them slums) to high rises, airport to merto, traffic jams to little piegons, twinkling roads to the gleaming skyline, the chaos, the rush; Everything of this city peeks into my room in bits. The city looks welcoming somehow! and I am trying to like it.

MumbaiAlso there is a small local market here, selling fresh and gleaming vegetables. That is happiness. Guess what i found! Fresh as mornings, the red carrots, yes the red ones, which was so difficult to find in Bangalore. Not so difficult to guess the sequence of events now. I saw pretty pretty carrots, greedy belly said make ‘Gajar ka Hlwa’, local shopkeepers said no Khoya, so greedy mind said..duhhh make it at home. Anddd that’s how I am here telling you that it’s so easy to make khoya at home. Little time, bit of patience and you can do justice to your sweet dish. I say Khoya is dessert in itself. It is so purely creamy, subtly sweet and so fresh that I could not stop tasting (read full on eating) it while making . Make it just like that, just for sheer pleasure of the process.  

I can give you the recipe, if only there was any. There is only the method and i will of course tell you that. So this is how you make Khoya/Mawa at home:


  • 1 liter Milk


  • Take a heavy bottom pan and pour milk in that. Keep the flame at high and let milk boil once.
  • Turn the flame to medium and let milk simmer. Do not, I repeat DO NOT leave the milk alone. Keep Stirring it.
  • Keep Stirring still. Make sure milk does not stick to the bottom of the pan. 
  • In around 45 minutes, milk starts to get thick. Keep stirring and let it not stick to the bottom and get burnt. 
  • You can switch the flame to low now. 
  • In about an hour, milk will be quite thick. It is done when you like the thickness, just keep in mind it will get even thicker after cooling off. 
  • Store it and use it with your favorite sweet dish 

Khoya/Mawa at home


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