How to make paneer (Cottage Cheese) at home

Paneer is Indian Cottage Cheese. It is a fresh cheese used widely in south Asian cuisine. Paneer is a sheer delight for any vegetarian. In India one can easily get paneer at local dairy or sweet shops. 

After shifting to Bangalore I noticed that unlike Lucknow there are no local sweet shops or dairies where I can get ultra fresh Paneer. The only paneer I could lay my hands on was frozen, which I hate like anything. Paneer is delicious when it’s fresh, soft, juicy, milky and you can’t stop eating even the uncooked one. The frozen one is ugh, hard, smelly and pale in colour. Palak Paneer being one of my favorite dish, I really missed fresh paneer. Then one fine day I suddenly recalled how my mom used to make fresh paneer at home whenever we had extra stock of milk. Since then I always make paneer at home which tastes the best. 

You won’t believe, If I tell you how easy and simple it is to make paneer at home. So, let’s get to how to make paneer at home. 


Fresh Milk – 1 ltrs 
Curd – 200 gms 
Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
Cotton /Muslin/cheese cloth – to drain 


Put milk in a bowl and put it on heat. Let milk come to a boil and then let it cool down a bit at low heat. When milk is not boiling anymore and has settled on low heat add lemon juice and then curd into it.


You will be able to notice lumps in milk and within no time you can see milk curdling and pale water getting separated. Immediately remove pan from the heat. 

Pour the paneer and water in a muslin/cotton/cheese cloth to drain out water. You can use any cloth which you think will remove water from paneer efficiently. I even end up using my old duppattas. Now tightly tie a knot and hang it or else you can tie up the cloth and put some heavy weight over it.




When all the water is drained out remove paneer from the cloth. There are thousands of ways to use paneer in various recipes. See what you gonna cook tonite!!!! 


1.Make sure milk is not cooked after adding curd for more than a minute.
2.Instead of curd only lemon juice can also be used to make paneer, but it gives lemony taste which I don’t like. 
3.Even one teaspoon lemon juice can be avoided and more curd can be used. I use lemon to fasten the process so that curd doesn’t get cooked. Overcooking of curd hardens the final paneer.


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