How To Make Yogurt At Home

YogurtYou need to stop, if you are still buying yogurt/curd/dahi because making it at home is way simpler than going to store and buying a pack. With no effort what so ever (as the good guy bacteria does all the work for you) you get thick , creamy, fresh and homemade yogurt. Before i go into details, let me just clarify, if you live in India, I am sure you would have definitely wondered at some point: Continue reading

5 Healthy fats for cooking

The argument over fats being good or not is never ending. There has been so much against saturated fats, for whatever reasons, that it makes us think twice before eating any of it. But fats are not bad,; they are building blocks for our body. They make us healthier and stronger. 

Many may agree and many may not and there are studies supporting almost all arguments. But my experience says embrace fats but choose wisely. So which are the ones you would want to include in your daily diet. There are so many choices and so much information and misinformation. 

Here is a list of 5 tried and tested healthy fats(cooking oils). Include these in your diet and feel the difference.

 1. Ghee

Ghee is a Indian treasure. Traditionally ghee has been considered sacred and offered to Gods. In India ghee has been used since ancient times for  various purposes;from prayer offerings, healing to cooking.

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