Butter Chicken

 Butter ChickenIf I am to make a list of foods which represent India to the outside world, Butter Chicken will definitely be in the top five. To claim to be a true Indian foodie, Butter chicken is one dish that you will have to happily finish up without dreading your cardiologist or tearing up for shattered diet plan dreams. Butter chicken along with butter naan and probably a glass of thick creamy lassi (sweet yogurt based drink) to gulp it all down, is what an Indian foodie’s dreams are made of. Trust me, I have seen people lusting and craving out of nowhere for butter chicken. It is that good.  Continue reading

Mughlai Dum Biryani

Mughlai Dum BiryaniIf you are a fan of Biryanis or good food for that matter, Mughali Dum Biryani is a jackpot for you.  In India there are regions known for there own preparations of Biryanis. From hyerabadi biryani, mumbai biryani to Ambur Biryani, each is unique in its own way. The thing that differentiates Mughlai Biryani from others is that, this one is mildly spiced compared to hyderabadi biryani but exotic fragrant. Continue reading

Leftover Chicken Biryani

Chicken BiryaniI hate wasting food and thus my fridge is the dumping ground for all the leftover food. I also hate monotony, same food again..my greedy mind refuse to accept that and comes up with ideas to do something interesting with the leftovers.
So today when I browsed my fridge, leftover chicken curry from previous night was staring at me, so i had to do something with that. I usually toss it in rice and make quick chicken pulao which is yumm but why not one step further and make even better looking, aromatic, delectable and everyone’s favourite Biryani. Trust me this leftover chicken Biryani is so good that nobody will know your shortcut. So next time when you have leftover chicken you know what to do. Continue reading

Urdu and Shami Kebabs

Shami KebabUrdu:

Remember the last time when you visited home, mom made your favorite pudding. As you gulped the love soaked dessert you wondered what is the secret mom beholds that makes the pudding so heavenly. Urdu is such language. It takes you home and with it’s nuances, politeness and mystic secrecy, immerses you in the luscious sugar syrupy romanticism . It is a language of angels I believe, which leaves you mesmerized. Soft as baby toe, graceful as a new bride Urdu is treat to ears. Continue reading

Quick and Easy Chicken Tikka Biryani

chicken tikka BiryaniChicken Tikka Biryani: The one pot meal of spiced chicken and fragrant rice is synonymous to feasting and celebrations. Biryani is a very popular dish in Asian and Arabic countries; it’s roots go to hundreds of years back. Biryani is basically meat and rice cooked together, so it can be made of any meat (chicken, lamb, beef) with long grain, fragrant rice. As simple as it sounds, it takes some effort to cook perfect Biryani. Tenderly cooked meat, right mix of spices, aroma and perfectly cooked rice is what makes a good Biryani. Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Masala

chicken tikka masala
Here comes chicken tikka masala recipe finally! If you google chicken tikka masala, your page comes flooding with so many recipes. From BBC food to Jamie Oliver, everybody has their own version. So many will suit your taste buds but some  may seem pale to you, specially if your Indian or Asian for that matter. We Indians love spice so our version of chicken tikka masala is definitely spicy. My recipe is how i have always eaten chicken tikka masala; at home and at the famous corners in Delhi. It’s spicy, savory, vibrant with hint of tandoor. Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Kebab

If you ask anybody about their one favorite Indian food and i am sure chicken Tikka will be one of the choice. Chicken tikka to India is what pizza is to Italy, burritos to Mexico or sushi to Japan. Everybody makes their version and loves it like that. I am totally for the idea of tweaking recipes little bit here and there to make it up to your taste and ease. This is how recipes can be taken to generations and across boarders. But apart from these variations, keeping the soul of the recipe alive, is what makes one a good cook.  Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Masala Powder

chicken tikka masala powder

Buying an instant masala mix is one thing but making your own chicken tikka masala powder is what marks your signature in a dish. A dish so loved all over the world, chicken tikka, definitely calls for your own blend of masalas. This chicken tikka masala powder is the perfect blend of all the spices you need for making chicken tikka kebab or chicken tikka masala curry.   Continue reading

Spinach Chicken

Thing with chicken is, it’s delicious with anything. So easy to cook and makes a complete meal. Though I love curry, I keep trying to add new flavors to it and every time it comes out just as wonderful. So if you like spices, flavors and spinach, you definitely gonna love spinach chicken. It was lazy Saturday afternoon and after a good run this recipe filled with all the nutrition. I could hog on it guilt free.  So let’s get going!

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