Chawal ke Phare (Stuffed Dumplings)

Phare dumplingHow baffling and somewhat mystic is the complexity and nuiances of web of emotions, us humans, have weaved through the evolution. I wonder so often when and how our ancestors who were hunting, learning to lit fire, domesticate the animals, form packs, started to do things which were beyond basics, beyond mere survival; sort of graduating towards top of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (This is how Maslow’s prism looks like). In those hundred and thousands of years of evolution somewhere our species learned to cook and satisfy our palates instead of just producing energy to survive. It overwhelms me to think how food is not just food for us; it is so many emotions, trails and errors, accidents and journey of our ancestors through thousands and thousands of years. Continue reading


Hummus is very healthy and easy to make dip. This can be varied with variety of flavors and used in number of recipes.
Chickpeas and Tahini are main ingredients for hummus. Tahini is readily available in market. It is basically sesames seed butter and very easy to make. I made Tahini as well. You can see the recipe here.
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