Raw Banana Cakes

Raw Banana CakesWe are never out of festivals, here in India. There is something going on in some part, region, religion or community. The good thing is that everybody gets to enjoy. We celebreated Bakrid, Durga Puja, Navratri, Dussehra, Onam, Karwachauth and many more in just last couple of months. Andd there is more to come; the big one, Diwali is almost there. Of all things, festivals means a lot of good food which is the best part. Everybody is gearing up for Diwali. So, here is one more to add in your menu; these awesome Raw Banana Cakes. Continue reading

Nargisi Kofta (Indian Scotch Eggs in Curry)

EggsI met scotch eggs recently. How? I gawk food pictures all day long, yes, I know I am pathetic that way. Ok, not all day long but as much as I can. There I saw this much loved English breakfast and picnic food ‘Scotch eggs’. Boiled eggs coated with minced or sausage meat, rolled in bread crumbs and fried; that’s what Scotch Eggs are. I jumped up when i saw this preparation. Even though I have never had Scotch Eggs but I definitely know of ‘Nargisi Kofta’, a mughali dish which is almost similar to Scotch eggs. Makes me think, how very primal food is and how it still binds us all. We may call ourselves different or one of a kind but different cuisines, different cultures, different people all are so chaotically intertwined, influenced and are connected in some mysterious cosmic way, that it becomes difficult to comprehend sometimes. Woah, that’s a lot for Scotch eggs I guess! Continue reading

Urdu and Shami Kebabs

Shami KebabUrdu:

Remember the last time when you visited home, mom made your favorite pudding. As you gulped the love soaked dessert you wondered what is the secret mom beholds that makes the pudding so heavenly. Urdu is such language. It takes you home and with it’s nuances, politeness and mystic secrecy, immerses you in the luscious sugar syrupy romanticism . It is a language of angels I believe, which leaves you mesmerized. Soft as baby toe, graceful as a new bride Urdu is treat to ears. Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Kebab

If you ask anybody about their one favorite Indian food and i am sure chicken Tikka will be one of the choice. Chicken tikka to India is what pizza is to Italy, burritos to Mexico or sushi to Japan. Everybody makes their version and loves it like that. I am totally for the idea of tweaking recipes little bit here and there to make it up to your taste and ease. This is how recipes can be taken to generations and across boarders. But apart from these variations, keeping the soul of the recipe alive, is what makes one a good cook.  Continue reading

Lakhnavi Galawat Melt in Mouth Mutton Kebab

The origins of Galawati Kebabs has an interesting historical story. Nawabs of Lucknow (or earlier known as Awadh) were infamous for their overwhelming and luxurious lifestyle. But for our advantage;  their extravagant tastes nourished many arts under their patronage. Surely, they must have had palettes of heaven since their bawarchis or rakabdars (Master cooks) created best of the culinary delights. Galawati kebab is one of the jewels of the Awadhi bawarchikhana(Kitchen). Lakhnavi Galawat melt in mouth kebabs are the best you will come across. Continue reading