Pineapple and Banana Smoothie

Pineapple smoothieThere are days when I am booming in energy. These are the days when I put on a nice dress, do my hair, put makeup and be proper. These are the days, though very few, when I unmess my house. I finish pending laundery, fold the clothes neatly, clear all tables and wardrobes in house, get sense of my bills and all of those tasks. These are the days when I cook fancy and elaborate. I find a recipe, no matter how complicated, how long, I follow. I bake a cake, I make kebabs or Biryani. There would be recipes and icings and all the shenanigans . Continue reading

Green Smoothie for Healthy Breakfast

Spinach banana smoothie

Smoothies are great. Is there any other way to pack healthy vegetables, fruits, juice, nuts and freshness in one class, i don’t think so. Smoothies make the perfect and healthy breakfast. A glass of green smoothie gives you boost for the day and keeps you full till the next meal. These are so yumm that even kids will love their share of greens. I posted Beetroot smoothie which is so so nutritious and so good for runners and athletes! So what is green smoothie now? Well let’s see: Continue reading

Beetroot Smoothie for Runners

When i registered for my first half marathon in Bangalore in Oct 14, nothing in me was prepared to even finish it. The number ’21 Kms’ gave me shivers and i could not wrap my head around how people can ran 42 km or 50 km, 100, even 400 kms for that matter. Continue reading