Lucknowi/Qimami Sevyian: Sweet Vermicelli

Lucknowi Sevai

Lucknow Sevai Qimami Sevyian is how I remember Eid. Growing up in Lucknow, Eid was pretty special and these special Lucknowi style sevyian or sweet vermicelli is synonymous to Eid. These are different than Sheer Khurma (I made recently) which is absolutely delicious and also quintessential Eid dessert. Continue reading

Sheer Khurma (Vermicelli Pudding)

SevaiSheer Khurma or Seveyian or Vermicelli Pudding is yet another recipe I bring you from Home. Sheer Khurma is that special dessert which makes you ask ‘What’s the occasion’!. This sweet, rich Mughlai dessert is all about festivals, celebrations, families, joys and togetherness. A delicate and sumptuous medley of vermicelli, milk, fresh cream, dry fruits and dates. Everything blends together so well and creates a magic of taste. Continue reading

Roasted Peaches & Plums with Coconut Ice Cream

Roasted Peaches and PlumsYou will close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus all your senses around taste buds, and very slowly relish the bite so you don’t skip a single flavour; yes, vanilla and mint flavored roasted peaches and plums with coconut ice cream and some nuts on top is that good. Try it to believe it. Continue reading

ShakarPara: Sugary Sweet Bites

ShakarParaOur brain is a strange starnge machines and curious are the ways it works in.It’s difficult to understand the innumerable nodes and connections inside this little apricot part and even so mind boggling are the connections it makes with everything outside. I wonder how the smell of brewing tea makes me smile all the time or setting sun arises a perplexing sinking feeling or Gajar ka Halwa reminds of cold snug evenings back home..yes it’s overwhelming to understand the connection our brain and body makes.   Continue reading

Besan Barfi

Besan BarfiIt was Holi, yes that time of the year when winter meekingly backs off and days become pleasantly hotter. This is the time when local markets prepare to sell colours of thousand shades.  New bride can hardly contain excitement as they she is going home to celebrate her first holi post wedding and back home, her sister eagerly waits to welcome brother in law armed with buckets full of colours. Adults on the other hand are excited as this is the only festival, so i guess,  when they drink freely and feast like kids. Basically this festival brings out young and vibrant spirits and colours everyone happy. Continue reading

Gajar Ka Halwa aka Carrot Pudding

Gajar ka HalwaA lazy Sunday afternoon; grandma, freshly laundered clothes, masalas, some pickles, lemons if i remember; all soaking up their share of the bright, pleasantly hot sun. Along with this, mommy leisurely grating the bright red luscious carrots to make what we all loved ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ . This is how i remember making of Gajar ka Halwa.   Continue reading

Indulge and make khoya/Mawa at home

Khoya/Mawa at homeMoney is in speed. Faster internet, Instagram, faster cars, trains, instant messages, 2 minutes meals, 1 minute soups; I get it. Our mails download faster, movies are shorter, naps are quick and so are lunches, even our medicines work faster, we buy in a click and sell quicker, our food is ready to eat and our meals instant.Yes I do get it.  

In spite of this gold rush, don’t you sometimes stay little longer in car just cause ‘your’ song is on radio, do you not squander your weekends to match the right dupatta for your kameej or perfectly matching set of bangles for your new saree. Haven’t you wasted hours to get your favorite shade of lipstick, or buy a new piece or furniture which goes with the room. Continue reading

Gulab Jamun with khoya or mava recipe

A hot, melt in mouth soft gulab jamun can make my day any time.  This is one of my favorite Indian sweet. No doubt, gulab jamun is most pouplar Indian dessert. Especially we north Indians love gulab jamuns. No meal is complete without a hot gulab jamun. For any festival, wedding or any auspicious occassion, gulab jamun is must to be part of the meal.

Gulab jamuns are actually very easy to make at home. These days a lot of instant mixs are available in market but nothing can beat traditional gulab jamuns made with khoya or mawa. Making gulab jamuns at home is very very festive. It feels like lights, happiness and get together. I make them every Diwali and every body loves them. Gulab jamuns can be made with milk powder as well. i have tried both and i believe khoya or mawa ones are the best.  Continue reading

Reine De Saba : Julia Child’s Chocolate and Almond cake

I love chocolate cakes and have been looking for perfect chocolate cake recipe for quite some time. I happened to watch Julie and Julia (again) and it struck me, there it is, the best possible recipe of soft and delightful chocolate cake.

I have never tried Julia Child’s recipes before. But can you ever be late to learn from a legend!  Never, I thought.  So let’s get inspired by the culinary genius one more time and try to replicate one of her recipes one more time.

Continue reading

Rasgulla Recipe (Cheeseballs in sugar syrup)

Rasgullas are soft spongy cheesballs soaked in sugar syrups. Roshagulla, as they call in Bengali, is the king of Bengali sweets. These look like big pearls and taste so delectable that you’ll fall in love with this dessert. The best part is that they are so easy to make. Although rasgullas will be easily available in any of your nearby sweet shop but the one’s you make yourself taste even sweeter.

So if you were hesitant to make rasgullas at home till now cause they seem like quite a hard work, let me show you how easy these are to make. Be soft and gentle with them and they will be softer!!!

Bengali rasgulla is made of chena. Chena is nothing but paneer. See how easily you can make paneer at home.  You don’t have to buy that stale and preserved paneer anymore. Continue reading