Butter Chicken

 Butter ChickenIf I am to make a list of foods which represent India to the outside world, Butter Chicken will definitely be in the top five. To claim to be a true Indian foodie, Butter chicken is one dish that you will have to happily finish up without dreading your cardiologist or tearing up for shattered diet plan dreams. Butter chicken along with butter naan and probably a glass of thick creamy lassi (sweet yogurt based drink) to gulp it all down, is what an Indian foodie’s dreams are made of. Trust me, I have seen people lusting and craving out of nowhere for butter chicken. It is that good.  Continue reading

Nargisi Kofta (Indian Scotch Eggs in Curry)

EggsI met scotch eggs recently. How? I gawk food pictures all day long, yes, I know I am pathetic that way. Ok, not all day long but as much as I can. There I saw this much loved English breakfast and picnic food ‘Scotch eggs’. Boiled eggs coated with minced or sausage meat, rolled in bread crumbs and fried; that’s what Scotch Eggs are. I jumped up when i saw this preparation. Even though I have never had Scotch Eggs but I definitely know of ‘Nargisi Kofta’, a mughali dish which is almost similar to Scotch eggs. Makes me think, how very primal food is and how it still binds us all. We may call ourselves different or one of a kind but different cuisines, different cultures, different people all are so chaotically intertwined, influenced and are connected in some mysterious cosmic way, that it becomes difficult to comprehend sometimes. Woah, that’s a lot for Scotch eggs I guess! Continue reading

Spinach Chicken

Thing with chicken is, it’s delicious with anything. So easy to cook and makes a complete meal. Though I love curry, I keep trying to add new flavors to it and every time it comes out just as wonderful. So if you like spices, flavors and spinach, you definitely gonna love spinach chicken. It was lazy Saturday afternoon and after a good run this recipe filled with all the nutrition. I could hog on it guilt free.  So let’s get going!

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Slow cooked Dum Mutton

Since I have tried super delicious and delicate mutton dum biryani I am fan of dum style of cooking. This way you can cook without any added oil. Tastes and flavors are so perfectly blended in this style of cooking that it’s just wowww!!!. Meat retains its very tastes and engrosses all the aroma and flavors of spices which are put in. This is just extraordinary. I will say I am totally in love with Dum cooking and what a taste!!! Do try
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Egg Curry

Eggs are at the very top of my food pyramid as they are very nutritious and are considered a whole food. Also they are readily accesible and can be stored for a while in the fridge. Usually eggs are used for breakfast and baking but can be used for some real good main course recipes. Egg curry is one of those dishes and when done well it is a treat to have a taste of it with steamed rice. The mix of spices give a very unique taste to the boiled egg yolk and it is marvelous. In this preparation I have fried the eggs after boiling which gives them a nice fried outer layer which tastes very yummy in the curry. If you want you can skip the frying part and follow the rest of the recipe. 

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Mughlai Chicken

I always wonder what it would be like to be a Nawab (Muslim rulers during Mughal Empire). To live a life of extravagance, grandeur and exaggerated luxury!! The majestic palaces, music, dance and moreover their love for food. How would their kitchens (bawarchikhana, as they called it) be!! What all secret spices, in their kitchens, infused the classic and most wonderful dishes with the everlasting taste and traditions!!  

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