Almond Biscotti

Almond BiscottiI love evenings. I long for a quiet cup of tea more than anything to phase off the noise of the road, office still ringing in my head. It has become an expression more than anything to calm down frustrations accumulated through out the day. I close my eyes, cup in my hand and I can feel the stillness and noiselessness of deep ocean, I glide so fluidly, my senses sharpened and angers dulled. That is the state I long for.  Continue reading

French Toast

French ToastDiwali is gone and so are most of the festivals here in India. We had way too much of poori, kachori type of stuff. As yum as all of this stuff is, this Sunday called for a break. What else is more soothing on a long due lazy Sunday than good old ‘French Toast’. For the days when all you want to do is ‘NOTHING’, french toasts are perfect breakfast/brunch in my opinion.  Continue reading

Dragon fruit Pancakes

Dragon fruit pancakesIt’s not everyday that we eat pancakes for breakfast but when we do it means special. I have been waiting to make pancakes for long, really long but somehow it was getting postponed. Then we got dragon fruit! Yes, i admit i tried this fruit for the very first time and i must say I was impressed. Continue reading

Shakshuka: Eggs in spiced tomato sauce (a must try)

ShakshukaShakshuka, this name may sound unfamiliar to you but it is synonymous with breakfast in Israel and it totally deserves it. I believe this is the breakfast which can make your whole day work. It is a happy breakfast, which reminds you of a lazy day,a vacation and all good things. It is nothing but eggs cooked in mildly spiced tomato sauce and topped with some cheese may be. When i first read about it, it sounded so Indian and very much what i have been making all my life, presentation was little different may be, if only that matters.  Continue reading

Station Wale Aloo (Indian Spiced Potatoes)

AlooBack then when tv channels were limited but time was ample, stress was alien word, families were bigger and worries were few, when there were enough leaves and visit to grandparents and cousins was a thing. Remember that time? Those days sit fondly in the good memory stack of mind. Continue reading

Green Smoothie for Healthy Breakfast

Spinach banana smoothie

Smoothies are great. Is there any other way to pack healthy vegetables, fruits, juice, nuts and freshness in one class, i don’t think so. Smoothies make the perfect and healthy breakfast. A glass of green smoothie gives you boost for the day and keeps you full till the next meal. These are so yumm that even kids will love their share of greens. I posted Beetroot smoothie which is so so nutritious and so good for runners and athletes! So what is green smoothie now? Well let’s see: Continue reading

Healthy & Fast Breakfast Egg Roll

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! don’t we all know this, sigh! A good, healthy and balanced breakfast meal can charge you for the full day. But this is the meal when we all are in most hurry and out of ideas and so we just eat whatever we can grab, pick up the keys, lock the door and get out to fight the world. This is so not healthy and fair to our body and mind. A healthy and well fed you can be way more productive and happier than starting the day with some junk or just nothing. This is where egg recipes like egg roll, omelettes, boiled eggs(soft and hard) come in handy as they are easy to prepare and take little time. 


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Muesli Chocolate Chip Muffins

Since I have started blogging, some part of my mind always keeps working on permutation and combinations of what to cook, how to cook and when to cook. I have never loved doing anything else in my life like this. The more I cook the more it makes me happy. So what do happy people do; they bake muffins :), don’t they?

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