Roti – Chapati

Roti or chapati is Indian flat bread and is lifeline of Indian meals. There may be different variations like paratha, naan, tandoori roti etc but it is a staple. Roti is more or less like tortillas, except that it is made of wheat bread and freshly made for every meal. There is no yeast or baking powder required for this Indian bread.

Roti is specially popular and quintessential in north India than south India; that may be because wheat is primary produce in north India. I have grown up seeing my mom knead the dough and make fresh rotis for every meal. It is such a important part of our meals that we tend to forget about it; like there is no skill required or no taste  in our beloved rotis. I realised this when i got on my own and started cooking. Why my rotis are not round or soft enough or tasty like mom’s and ever since i have been trying to replicate those rotis. The perfect, soft, fresh rounds of carbs.  Continue reading

Naan (Indian flat bread)

Naan is one of the favorite Indian breads. Traditionaly Naan is cooked in a tandoor, from which tandoori cooking takes its name. This distinguishes it from roti, which is usually cooked on a flat or slightly concave iron griddle called tava.

Although tandoori naan is the best but it can be made at home without tandoor and also in different flavors. 

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Whole Wheat & Oats Bread

One of the cons of writing a food blog is that you cook (obviously!) and when you cook, you eat (obviously!) and very soon you know all the food is making your trousers very difficult to fit you in. That’s a very sad realization but we have to cook and keep on cooking. So I am guessing from here on at least for some time you are going to find simple and healthy recipes. Here is the start!!

Just to mention..the bread tasted awesome!! 

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Sesame Folded Bread

Like most of the Indian Kitchens, my cooking revolves around pressure cooker. But now that i have got new oven, i am excited like a kid to bake. Why not start with bread, so i flipped across food blogs (I don’t even remember now, how many). Picked bits and pieces from here and there, got a decent idea, but at the end came with this bread. I am greatful to everyone out there, whose recipe inspired me. What a delicious beauty this bread was!!!!

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