Almond Biscotti

Almond BiscottiI love evenings. I long for a quiet cup of tea more than anything to phase off the noise of the road, office still ringing in my head. It has become an expression more than anything to calm down frustrations accumulated through out the day. I close my eyes, cup in my hand and I can feel the stillness and noiselessness of deep ocean, I glide so fluidly, my senses sharpened and angers dulled. That is the state I long for.  Continue reading

Reine De Saba : Julia Child’s Chocolate and Almond cake

I love chocolate cakes and have been looking for perfect chocolate cake recipe for quite some time. I happened to watch Julie and Julia (again) and it struck me, there it is, the best possible recipe of soft and delightful chocolate cake.

I have never tried Julia Child’s recipes before. But can you ever be late to learn from a legend!  Never, I thought.  So let’s get inspired by the culinary genius one more time and try to replicate one of her recipes one more time.

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Cinnamon Rolls

I am most excited to share this recipe of cinnamon rolls for two reasons here. First, these came out superb, just awesome!! And second because it’s been long, really long since I have cooked for the blog..lots of reasons but let’s not get into it. But trust me on this, these cinnamon rolls were so delicious that I just couldn’t keep my hands off them. What you will also love is the way these rolls fill your kitchen with super delicious cinnamon flavor. That’s just out of the world. You have to try these.

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Whole Wheat & Oats Bread

One of the cons of writing a food blog is that you cook (obviously!) and when you cook, you eat (obviously!) and very soon you know all the food is making your trousers very difficult to fit you in. That’s a very sad realization but we have to cook and keep on cooking. So I am guessing from here on at least for some time you are going to find simple and healthy recipes. Here is the start!!

Just to mention..the bread tasted awesome!! 

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Muesli Chocolate Chip Muffins

Since I have started blogging, some part of my mind always keeps working on permutation and combinations of what to cook, how to cook and when to cook. I have never loved doing anything else in my life like this. The more I cook the more it makes me happy. So what do happy people do; they bake muffins :), don’t they?

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Sesame Folded Bread

Like most of the Indian Kitchens, my cooking revolves around pressure cooker. But now that i have got new oven, i am excited like a kid to bake. Why not start with bread, so i flipped across food blogs (I don’t even remember now, how many). Picked bits and pieces from here and there, got a decent idea, but at the end came with this bread. I am greatful to everyone out there, whose recipe inspired me. What a delicious beauty this bread was!!!!

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Neetz’ marble cake

This recipe comes from very very dear friend, Neetz. This gorgeous corporate banker is an awsome baker. As i know nothing about baking cakes, I requested her to bake the first in our new oven. It was sheer joy watching her bake. Can’t even explain how difficult it was to wait for the cake. The aroma, itslef was tempting and we kept checking the cake every 5 minutes . The cake was heavenly, that’s all i can say.

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