Healthy Dal Makhni Recipe
Dal Makhni (mixed lentil) is delectable, absolutely must try Indian lentil recipe but it is mostly loaded with a lot of butter, ghee, cream and spices, which makes it super delicious but not something you would want to have everyday.  (more…) Read More
Almond Biscotti
I love evenings. I long for a quiet cup of tea more than anything to phase off the noise of the road, office still ringing in my head. It has become an expression more than anything to calm down frustrations accumulated through out the day. I close my eyes, cup in my hand and I... Read More
French Toast
Diwali is gone and so are most of the festivals here in India. We had way too much of poori, kachori type of stuff. As yum as all of this stuff is, this Sunday called for a break. What else is more soothing on a long due lazy Sunday than good old 'French Toast'. For the... Read More
Daal Ki Kachori
It is almost Diwali as I write this post. I want to share this recipe of daal stuffed Kachori specially for Diwali. At home, kachoris all everybody's favourite be it aloo it kachori or these super yummy daal ki kachori (I hope to share aloo kachori soon). These kachorsi were must for Diwali menu and... Read More
Raw Banana Cakes
We are never out of festivals, here in India. There is something going on in some part, region, religion or community. The good thing is that everybody gets to enjoy. We celebreated Bakrid, Durga Puja, Navratri, Dussehra, Onam, Karwachauth and many more in just last couple of months. Andd there is more to come; the big... Read More
Chawal ke Phare (Stuffed Dumplings)
How baffling and somewhat mystic is the complexity and nuiances of web of emotions, us humans, have weaved through the evolution. I wonder so often when and how our ancestors who were hunting, learning to lit fire, domesticate the animals, form packs, started to do things which were beyond basics, beyond mere survival; sort of... Read More
Chicken Soup for Weary
This was the long weekend I was waiting for months, needless to say flu took over all the plans and excitement.I am hating how frequently I am getting sick these days. It's awful and even more awful is that I passed it on to husband as well. He had very high fever yesterday and was... Read More
Wheat Berries and Bengal Gram Salad
What would life be without the mysteries and our perpetual quest to understand everything around us, our thoughts and actions our faiths and beliefs. Sometimes rationally, sometimes without any rhyme or reason; we do what we do. If only we could understand what goes on in the 3 pounds of slimy mass in our heads.... Read More
Lucknowi/Qimami Sevyian: Sweet Vermicelli
 Qimami Sevyian is how I remember Eid. Growing up in Lucknow, Eid was pretty special and these special Lucknowi style sevyian or sweet vermicelli is synonymous to Eid. These are different than Sheer Khurma (I made recently) which is absolutely delicious and also quintessential Eid dessert. (more…) Read More
Vegan Coconut Milk and Plum Ice Cream
  Can there be anything simpler than this three ingredients, gluten free, vegan, no churn Coconut Milk and Plum Ice Cream flavored with luscious, juicy, sweet and tangy plums. Well there can be; eating it (chuckles...). So we have been trying to eat healthy recently and you would know with the food blog eating healthy... Read More